July 10, 2020

This month we are experiencing an incredible heat wave. The grass is now dried out and dormant in many places. If your lawn areas are brown, cutting the grass is unnecessary as it isn’t growing and even walking on it should be avoided to reduce further stress.

The next round of shrub trimming, for those plants and bushes that weren’t flowering had begun. We have currently stopped most trimming to avoid further stress to the plants. Shrubs and perennials are also lacking water and you may notice leaves curling or turning brown.

We will monitor and still make weekly visits to your property to provide our other services, such as weeding, trimming grass areas that may be shaded and are still growing, etc.

As we are only cutting the grass areas that need attention, that means there are areas that will not be cut. That doesn’t mean those areas were missed or forgotten, it only means we are being intentionally selective for the above reasons.

This will not apply to you if you have an irrigation system and the lawn has been getting enough rain.

Depending on how much rain we get in the next week, it is unlikely enough will fall to create a sudden growth or greening of the lawn. The ground is dry and hard and any rain will likely run off rather than being absorbed.

Flowers, new plantings and sod should be watered every day. Check Guelph’s by-law regulations regarding watering, but this should be done to help sustain your perennials and flowers until it rains.

If you need watering services, our water truck is available and running. We are able to assist if there is need.

Due to the health and safety of the crew and advisement from the chief medical officer, our crews will not wear their masks in this heat.

Our crews are beginning earlier in the day to avoid the heat as much as possible and are finishing the day early. They have been advised about Heat Stroke and safety precautions. We appreciate anyone who has offered water, shade or anything to help them as they try to work outside during this incredible heat.