March 16, 2022

With recent warm weather, it feels like seasons are changing.  For Nu Image, Spring means it’s time to start cleanups.  A proper spring cleanup gives your property a fresh, neat appearance after the harsh conditions of winter.

Nu Image begins the process by removing fallen branches & twigs, leaves, pine cones & needles, newspaper, pop cans and general discarded garbage.  Due to the water saturation, we stay off the lawn with our equipment until the soil begins drying out so we can avoid additional lawn stress, prevent ruts or damage to new growth.  When the lawn dries, we dethatch to remove dead grass and allow space for new growth and to freshen the lawn.  We use mechanical devices and blowers to provide this service without damaging the new grass growth.

Garden beds need preparation in the Spring too.  Whichever perennials and grasses weren’t pruned in the fall should get a trim when the species recommends to encourage new growth.  Timing of pruning is dependent on the type of plant and geographic region to ensure the health of the perennial moving into the summer.  Dead plant material should be removed from the garden and soil cultivated to loosen compaction, allowing air, water and nutrients to penetrate to the roots.   When the beds are dry enough, Nu Image will create a fresh, clean edge along the garden bed and tree circles to remove turf growth and define where the garden starts and grass ends.

This is the perfect time of year to help new grass growth by arranging a lawn aeration, seeding and fertilization.  Aeration is done when the ground is soft and to allow air, water and nutrients into the soil and alleviate soil compaction.  This helps strengthen the roots for a healthier lawn.

Overseeding the lawn should be done for older lawns to help fill in bald patches and thicken the grass.  When lawns are fuller and thick, weeds, disease and pest infestations are better defended against.  Add topsoil and seed where the lawn is bare or there are weak patches of grass and with cooler temperatures and wet soil in the Spring, you should see new growth within 10 days.  For a better result, aeration and over seeding should be done at the same time.

Your first application of fertilizer will also be done in May and should be a slow release to help green up your lawn and provide nutrients, including nitrogen to aid in growth.

A spring cleanup is time consuming but brightens up your property after the snow is gone.  Other items to consider to help freshen up the exterior of your business are power sweeping to remove debris from your parking lot, line painting to freshen the asphalt, crack sealing and pot hole repairs to remove safety concerns for visitors to your site.  Planting should be done after the May long weekend so temperatures will be warmer and the plants will be safe from overnight frost.

Nu Image is looking forward to a new season and you’ll see us regularly when grass cutting begins.