Property Maintenance

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible commercial property maintenance services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your property looking its best.
Our services include a range of offerings that cater to a diverse needs and requirements, such as:

Best Property Maintenance services in the Guelph Region

At Nu Image, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible property maintenance services in the Guelph region for their commercial properties. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to ensuring that your property is always looking at its best and is well-maintained through the year. Nu Image delivers reliable, high-quality maintenance services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential complex properties.

Commercial Property Maintenance

Our commercial property maintenance services are specifically tailored to the demands of commercial establishments. We provide a wide range of services to make sure your property is always in good shape.

Regular inspections are a part of our property maintenance services, and they help us spot and resolve any potential problems. We take proactive steps to maintain the condition of your property at all times.

Commercial Lawn Care

To keep the lawn on your property looking its best at all times, our commercial lawn care services include routine mowing, trimming, and pruning.

We recognise that your property’s lawn and garden have a significant role in how it looks as a whole. To maintain the finest possible appearance for your home, our crew offers routine lawn and garden maintenance services, such as mowing, trimming, and pruning.

Landscape Services

To guarantee that the landscaping on your property always looks its best, we provide a comprehensive range of landscape services. Our staff will collaborate with you to develop a special landscaping strategy that meets the demands of your particular property.

With the help of our commercial landscaping services, you can improve the appearance of your property and make it a more welcoming place for both visitors and staff.

We provide thorough lawn care services, such as fertilisation, trimming, and mowing, to make sure that the grass on your property is strong and healthy.

Lawn Care

We provide complete lawn care solutions, such as fertilisation, aeration, and overseeding, to make sure the lawn on your property is strong and healthy.

Lot Maintenance

We provide lot maintenance services to guarantee that the parking lot and surrounding areas of your property are consistently in good condition.

To maintain the functionality and safety of your parking lot, we provide repair and maintenance services. To keep your parking lot in good shape, our staff may make repairs to the asphalt, apply sealant, and fix cracks.

Line Painting & Parking Lot Safety

Our line painting services guarantee that your parking lot is well-marked and secure for all users. In order to increase safety on your site, we also provide parking lot safety services, such as the installation of speed bumps and signage.

Snow Plowing

For wintertime property accessibility, we offer snow ploughing services. For the purpose of clearing your property of snow and ice, our team is on call around-the-clock.

Snow Removal

In order to keep your property safe and accessible during the winter, we offer snow removal services. Our team is on call around-the-clock to make sure your property is cleaned of snow and ice.

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