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The Rise of the Dandelions

Guelph and the surrounding areas are a sea of yellow right now as dandelions take over the grass.  Now is the time to think about giving your lawn a facelift by treating the weeds, top […]

Spring is In the Air

With recent warm weather, it feels like seasons are changing.  For Nu Image, Spring means it’s time to start cleanups.  A proper spring cleanup gives your property a fresh, neat appearance after the harsh conditions of […]

What Nu Image Is Doing During The Heatwave

This month we are experiencing an incredible heat wave. The grass is now dried out and dormant in many places. If your lawn areas are brown, cutting the grass is unnecessary as it isn’t growing […]

Celebrate National Forest Week with Nu Image

Numerous tree-planting events and reforestation projects have been organized across the country to mark National Forest Week and National Forest Day (Sept. 25). The team at Nu Image is pleased to take part in one such event in the local Guelph community and we’d love for you to come join us!

Preparing for Winter Snow Removal

While no one wants to have to start thinking about winter this early in the fall, when the leaves have barely started to change colour, you can rest assured that the team at Nu Image […]

A Word of Thanks

After a long, cool, and wet spring, summer has come with a vengeance. So it’s time for a word of thanks from the staff at Nu Image Lawn Care Inc. Thank you to our clients […]

A New Era at Nu Image

Celebrating a new era for Nu Image! The ‘i’s are dotted, the ‘t’s are crossed and Richard Dobson is officially the new owner of Nu Image Property Maintenance & Snow Removal Inc. The company’s founder, […]

Welcoming Spring & Looking Back on a Challenging Winter

No one is happier to see spring peeking around the corner than Nu Image’s snow removal teams. It was quite a winter, as you will know if you attempted to walk or drive or do […]

7 Commercial Landscape Design Ideas for Your Building

Does your commercial property’s landscaping need to be improved? While most people realize that curb appeal is important to cultivate for homes, many forget that it is equally important for businesses.

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