Power Sweeping

Nu Image can clean your parking lot in Spring or after construction work is done to remove debris. We also clean out the corners and along curb lines to freshen the appearance of your asphalt. Our equipment can sweep large, open areas to keep the dust and dirt down on the pavement.

Parking Lots

Sweeping parking lots is important for several reasons. It helps to keep the area clean and free of debris creating a safer environment for both pedestrians and drivers. It can help to prevent potholes and other damage to the pavement and can extend the life of the pavement by preventing dirt and other particles from breaking down the asphalt.

Construction Sites

Construction site power sweeping is a necessary part of maintaining a clean and safe work environment. Sweeping removes dirt, debris, and other potential hazards from the construction site, preventing accidents and keeping the area clean. Power sweeping also helps to prolong the life of construction equipment and machinery by removing built-up grime and dirt. In short, regular power sweeping is essential for any construction site.

Large open asphalt or concrete spaces

Are you in need of power sweeping services for a large open space? Whether it’s asphalt or concrete, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We understand the importance of keeping your space clean and free of debris, which is why we offer our power sweeping services to both commercial and residential customers. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.


Road power sweeping is the process of using a mechanical sweeper to clean a road surface. The main purpose of road power sweeping is to remove debris and litter from the road surface, which can improve road safety and prevent litter from entering the environment. Road power sweeping can also help to improve the appearance of a road and make it more pleasant for people to use.

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